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We have created a platform that will satisfy the needs of traders of any level. And our achievements speak for us:

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Each function of the TYS Finance platform is implemented in such a way as to increase the efficiency of your trading.


  1. Of course, I understand that the law is not written for scammers, but in order to reach such a point as they do, there should not be any brains or conscience at all! they saw from the photos in VK that I was a mother of many children and wrote to me saying that they would like to make money. They painted everything about TYS Finance, that you don’t need to learn anything, they say, I just deposit money, transfer it to trust management and receive earnings, and another person does everything instead of me. I transferred all the children’s money to them, and a few days later my managing trader disappeared as it turned out. The manager called me and said that they had such a force majeure, but the funny thing is that the company is not responsible for this. I just freaked out!! how do you work if you are not responsible for your own employees? there are simply no words! so i got nothing

  2. I have been told many times how these scammers work. They made a bunch of fake documents there and they are sent to the post office to a person so that he believes them. They have no shame or conscience, so do not count on the fact that they will not deceive you. Everyone is sent under the same brush

  3. Until recently, I hoped that TYS Finance was a normal broker. I had no doubts at all about this, so I calmly deposited money, I thought I would earn good money, since they promised me huge profits. But it wasn’t there… as soon as I stopped depositing money, they somehow started to freeze. At first they did not answer for a long time and then they stopped communicating at all. And one day I just could not go into my personal account and that’s it. No matter what I do, it throws an error. You can’t get through to support, so I just had to put up with it and that’s it.

  4. I still can’t believe that this happened to me… TYS Finance is causing me such problems right now that it’s just damn. I took out a loan from them, but there is nothing to repay. All the money that was deposited into the account remained in the office. I don’t even want to hear about these bastards.

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