About company:

LATOKEN is a cryptocurrency platform that includes an exchange, an IPO platform and a service for quickly exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat. LATOKEN has been operating since 2017. It is one of the twenty largest crypto exchanges in the world. Supports trading in over 450 cryptocurrencies. Its turnover is more than 300 million dollars per day. In addition, platform users can earn up to 160% per annum on staking coins.


  1. These guys have kept my funds hostage for over 2 months, refusing to answer my support tickets with even an automated message! Hoping their exposure here gets them to respond!

  2. The worst exchange be careful all your funds will be stolen by them.
    Tech support worst ,withdrawal of funds minimum 1 week to 1 month
    F$$k y#o LATOKEN exchange hope you get karma

  3. I’ve had a support ticket open since Feb 5th. I deposited 18.19686 ETH that mysteriously went to someone else’s LAToken address. Even though I immediately reported the problem, LAToken hasn’t done anything to resolve it. 3 months is unacceptable and the only explanation is it’s a complicated situation. They should refund my ETH and figure out the bug instead of holding it.

    If they read this and care to escalate and resolve my ticket is #13434. Otherwise I have to warn as many people as possible about depositing to LAToken.

    UPDATE 6/20/2019:
    Well, LAToken officially stole my ETH, then blocked me from Telegram, then suspended my account. DO NOT USE LATOKEN. LISTEN TO THE BAD REVIEWS AND STAY AWAY. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS.

  4. Only the first time I could have log in. Now there is a message “something is wrong try again”. No way for me… I put my money in this plateform …

  5. I just received $10 from LATOKEN for participating in the mobile app beta program! Good reward for 15 minutes’ work!!! 🙂 Overal, I know the exchange at least 6 months and can confirm that the platform always developing and launching new features. But I’m not satisfied with the time the support team reacts to my messages in Twitter, this is why I give 4 stars.

  6. I bought 8 times BTC from LATOKEN to invest @ and each time I got my BTC very fast. Good Job SS!

  7. Fastest and useful fiat withdrawal service. Suddenly, they have some delays with support but all problems are always solved.

  8. Hi I did a withdrawal of my coin. The withdrawal fees were extremely high, however when the withdrawal took too long to reach the destination wallet, I wrote to support. They updated me every now and again and explained exactly what was happening. They were courteous and also spoke about the measures they are taking to maintain security. I was impressed by that, though the withdrawal fees were shocking. Good timely information, thank you for that.

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