1. The platform is competitive, due to the offered commission-free trading, it is now very popular with players. You should not count on the special loyalty of the creators, if operations are not subject to the usual rate (this is still, who knows what will happen a few months later), this does not mean at all that the exchange has nothing to make money on. It earns on margin trading, on issued tokens, on withdrawals (and here the commissions are no lower than on other sites), on adding new tokens to the listing, etc. In short, if it is more profitable to conclude transactions here than on other exchanges, then it is not possible to carry out other operations (such as withdrawals). But so far they are not particularly impudent, so it is still possible to trade. There are no serious jambs here, the exchange is specific in some moments, but it does not stand out from the general series. The current listing is good, there are running altcoins, there are few promising small coins, but personally I hardly trade them, so the site suits me in everything.

  2. In my opinion, this yet another Asian site has no future. They opened not so long ago, free-trading was set as the main feature, but the supply of liquidity was not established. Exchanges with 0-0.1% maker fees and 2-3x taker fees are much more successful. Multilingualism is conditional, based on English and Chinese, the rest are at the implementation stage (about 10 in total), with fiduciary money the same story. There are few pairs, and with the current liquidity it is more or less possible to work only with pairs like BTC / ETH, the rest lie in the glass for a long time. The exchange is not suitable for arbitration, it takes too long to withdraw. The application can be used as a wallet, no more, but I don’t see any point in keeping my assets here. Conclusion: another small office with big ambitions, which will die soon.

  3. Hi all. This site, it’s just that the language does not turn to call it an exchange, about nothing !!! Firstly, there are no volumes, and secondly, the spread in the glass between the buy and sell prices can range from 10% to 60%. The owners of the exchange constantly promise something and constantly postpone the dates of the fulfillment of their promises. You can get a crypt on this pseudo-exchange site very quickly, but the withdrawal will fray all your nerves. You write to their group, and there is a complete ignore, like everything is fine, from 10 to 90 minutes, it took me 8 hours to withdraw the bitcoin. In a word, do not be fooled by their promises, they will promise you golden goths and, most importantly, they will inadvertently force you to take their scamcoin called COB. Promising that its owners will receive a bonus of 5% of the amount of these cobs. A bunch of different lotions, but these are all promises that at the moment everyone is transferring and transferring in time. Further, their terminal is so buggy, 3 months have passed since the opening, and it didn’t work, it still doesn’t work, you press the click and wait 10-20 seconds, if it was a serious exchange, then their terminal, although the web version, it would work like a watch. Their slogan is in style — we are an exchange without a commission — actually for dummies, because serious traders with large volumes will never go to their scam site, you have to pay for everything, if not, then there is a catch. STRONGLY I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO EVEN REGISTER ON THIS SCAM SITE. There is Binance, there is Kukoin, Huobi is finally nothing, but not this thorny Cobincust.

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