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Bitfinex – the exchange has been operating since 2012. In terms of the volume of trading transactions with cryptocurrency, it occupies the fourth position in the world ranking. Supports 133 currencies, three of which are fiats (EUR, USD, JPY). The platform offers margin trading with a leverage of 1:3, as well as OTC trades and trading based on derivatives. For transactions, Bitfinex takes a commission of 0.02-0.2%, depending on the total amount of trades made by the trader. Topping up the balance with cryptocurrencies is free, with fiats – 0.1%.


  1. Wether you want to trade traditional crypto, less known tokens, stablecoins, or even take a shot at the borrow/lending market, Bitfinex has all of that, and more. With years of experience and adaptation to the ever rising market demands, it is definitively one of the exchanges that stands out more than it’s competition.

  2. While Bitfinex is without a doubt one of the best platforms to trade in currently, with their immense token count and liquidity, there’s one key aspect they miss: KYC. The time it takes for an account to be verified, by today’s standards, is a bit ridiculous, considering the KYC process is standardized. Fix that, and they’re an easy 5 star.

  3. If people actually used the platform before falling for the FUD they would realise how good Bitfinex is.

    But seems like going with the she said he said is easier…

    My point is: Try it for yourself before judging, you won’t regret it.

  4. Haven’t seen responses of support team of any other service to be that swift. And, actually, helpful. Beside the fact that I can’t understand why I got my issue in the very beginning, the problem was resolved painlessly.

  5. My LN-BTC withdrawal failed, and had a confusing error message. I emailed the support, and they VERY quickly responded and informed me why it was happening, and what was going to happen next. Pretty shortly thereafter, the amount was returned to my wallet. Great customer service! Most importantly, they were fast and helpful.

    I was able to complete withdrawal after a couple more failed attempts (all my fault being a lightning newb), and each time they patiently returned the money to me.

  6. A shady outfit of absolute thieves. More than happy to receive your funds and equally happy to ransom them for ever more ridiculous amounts of personal information.

    They will demand more and more of said information, up to and including your full EMPLOYMENT DETAILS. Not only will they possess your funds, but also the means to steal your identity. I have not as yet been granted access to my hard-earned funds, not even to retrieve them and move to a less shady outfit.

    Shameful. Avoid. Tell everyone you know to avoid them. Tell your pets and the birds in the sky to avoid SCAMfinex’s embezzlement and ransom scheme.

  7. I have not lived a worse experience with any fin-tech company ever before. Their customer service acts with the lowest of client servicing standards.
    I can’t believe such companies can operate and we still trust them with our money.

  8. One of the best customer service received from any Crypto Exchange, I transferred crypto of substantial value to a different blockchain by mistake, I was sure I lost the funds but thanks to ‘DEVON’ a wonderful executive from Bitfinex, he did mention that it was out of policy and operationally difficult recover funds but still he went out of way to seek necessary internal approvals and arranged the funds back to my wallet. They charged very nominal fees but gave back all the funds.
    The executive from Bitfinex was very knowledgable and professional in handling my query.
    Very very pleased with the service.

  9. Thieves! After you set up your account they allow you to deposit and trade, but when you try to withdraw they block you and hold your funds claiming that you have not completed account verification, but my profile states my account verification all sections are completed.
    When you send emails to support they do not reply.
    The result they hold your funds.

  10. I’m using Bitfinex since 2018 and i never had any problems.
    Bitfinex has the greatest support i ever experienced on a Cryptoplattform. They are very fast responding and helpfull in any way possible.
    Whitdraws are fast and with a fair fee.

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