1. The company was chosen for a long time, since before that there was no experience of ordering from an auction. This company was recommended by a colleague. I read reviews about them, watched YouTube (this also partly played in favor of the decision to choose them!

  2. I have no complaints about working with the company – everything went smoothly, I bought a car quickly, the payments are very clear, the customs bills are all on me, everything is transparent. Satisfied with cooperation

  3. Bought a Land Rover Range Rover Sport. 68 thousand euros came out with mileage 23000km, 2021. The condition is just perfect, did not even expect, as if just from the salon. Everything about everything took 29 days from the moment of the first payment. Generally super.

  4. A colleague bought a Porsche Cayenne, 2023 car through the company, I found out the details from him, it turned out to be quite profitable. You send an advance payment in the amount of 30% of the cost of the car, you pay the rest of the car as soon as transport documents for the purchased car are provided before loading onto a container ship

  5. I bought a car from an auction, I was very worried, for the first time, but in fact, everything was fine. 4 weeks after the purchase at the auction, the car was already waiting for me in the port of Jeddah. Before loading onto the ship, I was provided with transport documents and I paid the remaining amount.

  6. Worried of course because the first time in this way to buy a car, but the fears were not justified. The car came as in the photo, ideally.

  7. Found a car at auction and bought it. Next is the delivery – the managers reported on the situation what where how. Delivery by container ship to Saudi Arabia was also successful!

  8. Hi all! At first I was worried about the prepayment, but then I was very pleased with the attitude and the work done, no questions or doubts arose, I can safely recommend the company!

  9. The company ended up being very good. Both in terms of price and quality of service, many services are provided at a very good level. The process of registration of all papers is taken over by managers, it is very convenient.

  10. I made an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, and my car was successfully bought at the auction. Then I paid the remaining amount and the car was sent to me by ship.

  11. Everything went perfectly. Clear, specific, transparent. Thanks a lot! Bought Land Rover Range Rover 2023 4.4. I paid 144,000 euros for it. 43 thousand paid an advance payment and paid the remaining amount before sending me to Dubai. Very happy with the quality of the car! Super!

  12. Delivery was surprisingly fast. Keep it up don’t change your strategy, good luck and prosperity from me and thank you very much!!!

  13. An efficient, fast, and honest way to acquire a car. My expectations were met, and I recommend this company to everyone!

  14. The wait for the ship with my car was short – just 4 weeks. Upon arrival at the Kuwait port, I was pleased with the condition of the purchased car!

  15. Finally, the long-awaited day came when I received my car. It exceeded all my expectations, and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. I can’t wait to enjoy it.

  16. Everything matched the auction listing – the car arrived on time and without any issues. This is especially important when it comes to trusting a company that has been in business for a long time. I am pleased to recommend this company based on my positive experience. They deserve trust, and I am confident that your expectations will be exceeded.

  17. Overall, I really enjoyed my experience buying a car at auction. I was pleasantly surprised by the process, from the remote conclusion of the contract to the delivery of the car. Everything was organized professionally

  18. I paid an advance payment upon contract signing and, after receiving the loading report and transport documents, I paid the remaining amount promptly. My car was delivered on a container ship in excellent condition, and I’m happy with my purchase!

  19. My car arrived in excellent condition, and I feel like the owner of a dream. Remote contract signing and payment via SWIFT transfer made the entire process simple and convenient. I paid an advance payment upon contract signing and received the loading report and transport documents. The 4-week delivery on a container ship was an ideal option. My car is a true find!

  20. About the work of the guys only good impressions! All questions that arose during the purchase of a car were resolved promptly! Thank you team!

  21. I bought a 2022 Land Rover Defender with a 3.0 liter engine and a mileage of 4111 km for 117,000 euros. Comparing prices, Europe turned out to be cheaper than Dubai. The ship with my car arrived in 29 days! Thank you to everyone who took part!

  22. I would like to note the professional work of the company, which took care of my car throughout the entire journey – from the auction to delivery to the port.

  23. The purchase of my new Mercedes at the auction turned into a high-quality and safe process. The company genuinely cares about its customers and provides a high level of service.

  24. We successfully acquired a 2023 Land Rover Range Rover with minimal mileage of only 1,440 km. The total cost, including the purchase, delivery, and all additional expenses, was 144,000 euros. The car was picked up at the UAE port.

  25. As for logistics, it went very quickly—the car was loaded onto the ship promptly, and the transit to Abu Dhabi took 4 weeks. Efficient work!

  26. Signed a contract to purchase a car at an auction remotely. The company showed professionalism and effectively organized all stages of the transaction

  27. The contract with my signature was sent to them remotely, and the car was purchased in my name! The payment was made in USDT cryptocurrency, which allowed us to save a significant amount with the help of this company.

  28. Large selection of cars on their website. Remotely executed the contract, other documents and paid the first installment – 30%. I picked up the car myself in the port of Jebel Ali. I will add that I transferred the missing amount after sending me a photo of the report and how I received transport documents for sending my car by ship

  29. The entire transaction took place remotely. I recommend them for collaboration. I am pleased with the deal and plan for another purchase.

  30. We discussed the conditions, signed a contract, paid an advance and bought a car. Now she is on her way to Kuwait.

  31. I approached the company for a car, expecting a long and complex process. However, in practice, everything turned out differently! After signing the contract, the managers immediately started working and delivered the car in the shortest time. It’s amazing that the delivery cost to the USA was much lower than I expected – only 3000 euros.

  32. In the Jebel Ali port, I received the car after three and a half weeks. Although I expected it to happen earlier, there were delays in the port’s operations. Nevertheless, I remained satisfied as no further issues arose.

  33. The company’s specialists professionally prepared the car for shipment, ensuring its safety and integrity during transport. After completing all the necessary procedures, I paid the remaining amount for the car and eagerly awaited its delivery.

  34. Decided to treat myself for my birthday and bought a Bentley Bentayga 2022 4.0. Thanks to the entire team of the company!!!

  35. In a short time and reasonable money, I managed to buy the car I wanted! I chose a car on their website and my choice was the BMW X7,2023. The car interior looks like new! As for the technical condition of the car, I have no complaints!

  36. Thanks to the company, I was able to purchase the desired car. I made a 30% down payment when signing the contract and received a loading report and transport documents. The remaining amount was paid afterward. The container ship delivery took only 4 weeks, and everything was done professionally.

  37. I first made an advance payment of 30% of the cost of the car, after which my car was purchased and prepared for shipment. I then paid the remaining balance for the car and it was securely packaged and shipped.

  38. It took 3 days from the auction to loading onto the ship. They do everything very promptly. The company independently took my car from the auction and sent it to me in Geneva.

  39. Friends, do not hesitate, this team are professionals. I paid only 30% of the car’s cost, and the remainder upon receiving the transport documents for my car before loading it onto the ship.

  40. I recently purchased several watch models. I especially liked the design of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Chronograph with its characteristic rounded case and stainless steel strap.

  41. I picked up the car myself at the Jebel Ali port, settled the delivery payment after inspection and document verification. I haven’t had any issues with the company during our cooperation.

  42. They delivered my 2022 Porsche Cayenne to Saudi Arabia in 29 days. Delivery cost me 3000 euros. When I signed the contract for the purchase and delivery of the car, I made a payment of 30% of the car’s value. I paid the remaining amount when my car was waiting in line for loading and shipping.

  43. The company promptly delivered my car. Everything went quickly and at reasonable prices. €3000 was paid for delivery to Manchester.

  44. Hi all. The car has already been received, fully corresponds to the description and photo report that was presented to me. I did the diagnostics – no complaints. I go, I enjoy, I recommend this company.

  45. Yes, I had to wait, in my case, for 27 days, and the payment was split into two stages—the first stage, an advance payment of 30%, and the second stage, the remaining amount for the car before loading it onto the ship and delivering it to me. The car has been received.

  46. After reading reviews about them online, I found that the reviews were good. I made my choice quickly, knew what I wanted. We processed everything swiftly, paid the full amount immediately in USDT cryptocurrency, which was very convenient and profitable!

  47. Finally, I got my long-awaited car! And it’s just superb! The quality is beyond praise, everything matches the description. Many thanks to the company for their help in purchasing and delivery. I recommend to everyone who is looking for a quality car at a favorable price!

  48. I recommend this company to everyone who dreams of a quality car at a favorable price. Here you will be offered a wide selection of cars for every taste and budget, and experienced managers will help you choose exactly what you need.

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